Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day Shout-out! 2016

Happy Father's Day to Kevin! We all love you like crazy. As always, there will be another post about how we spent Father's Day and how awesome Kevin is.

Happy first Father's Day to Rob K, Aaron, Cory, Dan P, Jamie!!

Father's Day 2016
Cory with little Jasper

Father's Day 2016
Rob pushing Soren on the swings

Father's Day 2016
Aaron napping with Asher

Father's Day 2016
Dan hiking with Sylvie

Happy Father's Days to all our friends who are veteran dads!:

Jim S (1 girl + 1 boy), Ben C (2 boys), Mike Sh (3 girls+ 1 boy), Matt L (3 girls), Brandon (2 boys),
Casey (1 girl + 1 boy), Tim D (1 boy + 1 girl), Jason V (1 boy + 2 girls), Mike St (2 girls),
Rob P (1 boy + 1 girl), Trey (2 boys), Dan M (1 boy + 1 girl), Donald (2 boys),
Ed T (2 boys), Patrick (1 girl and 1 boy), John K (1 boys), Jon S. (1 boy), and Jeff P (2 boys),
Jeff M (1 boy + 1 girl), Rob S (2 boys), Roger (2 boys), Josh (1 boy), Neil (1 girl), Lukas (1 girl), Rob K (1 boy), Aaron (1 boy), Cory (1 boy) Dan P (1girl), Jamie (1 boy)!

Happy first father's day as a father of two! Rob P, Roger, Rob S, Patrick, and Jeff P!

Happy first father's day as a father of three, Jason!

Father's Day 2016
Jason with his minions!

Also, I happen to know there are more babies coming! Not telling! The excitement!

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