Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Shout-out 2016

Happy Mother's Day to my mama Ana, Kevin's ma Kathy, and bisabuela Daisy, great-grammy Ruth. You guys are THE BEST.

James & Miranda's Birthday 2016
Mom and me

April 2016
Ma and Kevin

Visiting Alonsos 2016
James and Bisabuela Daisy

Easter 2016
Great-grammy Ruth reading to James and Miranda

Happy first Mother's Day to Jackie, Sarah W, Robin! They all had boys. They're all great moms. That's just how we roll around here.

2016 04 19 Jackie Soren
Jackie, Soren, and Yossi

2016 01 Sarah and Asher
Sarah and Asher

2016 05 08 Robin
Aunt Genee, Cousin Tayga, Grandma, Robin and Jasper!

Happy first Mother's Day as the mother of two kids to Megan T, Audra, Lina, Jane, and Caroline! It's kind of different and fun, right?

2016 01 Lina
Caleb, Roger, Lina, and Ezra

Happy Mother's Days to all our friends who are veteran moms:

Meghan C (2 boys), Anna S (3 girls + 1 boy), Cate L (3 girls), Rachel D (1 boy + 1 girl), Chrissy V (1 boy + 1 girl + 1 coming!!), Cathy S (2 girls), Adrienne C (1 girl), Audra P (1 boy+ 1 girl), Sunny G (2 boys), Christina M (1 boy + 1 girl), Sarah B (2 boys), and Megan T (2 boys), Aubree (1 girl + 1 boy), Teresa (2 boys), Becky S (1 boy), and Inga (1 boy + 1 girl), Caroline P (2 boys), Jane S (2 boys), and Lina (2 boys), Anna R (1 boy), Lisa (1 boy), Anna F (1 girl), Candice (1 girl), and Sarah T (1 girl).

Richmond, VA 2016
Candice and Cora in Richmond

The baby count isn't a perfect science around here but we currently have about 31 boys and 21 girls. More babies coming soon!!

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