Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day Shout-out 2014

Happy first Father's Day as a dad to 2 children to Kevin! I think you're juggling the new responsibilities quite well. You are by far the most amazing father- you give them all of your "free" time. We all love you like crazy. As always, there will be another post about how we spent Father's Day and how awesome Kevin is.

Miri 6w + 3d 2014
This happens almost every day!

Happy first Father's Day to Jeff P. (1 boy), Rob S. (1 boy), Roger (1 boy), and Josh (1 boy)!

Landsman- March 2014 
Lina, Caleb, and Roger

Jeff P and Christopher- April 2014 
Christopher and Jeff P

Scaramellas March 2014 
Rob S, Luke, and Jane

Happy Father's Days to all our friends who are veteran dads: Marc (1 girl), Jim S (1 girl + another kid on the way!), Ben C (2 boys), Mike Sh (3 girls+ 1 boy), Matt L (3 girls), Casey (1 girl + 1 boy), Tim D (1 boy + 1 girl), Jason V (1 NEWLY HEALTHY boy + 1 girl), Mike St (2 girls), Rob P (1 boy), Trey (2 boys), Dan M (1 boy and a girl on the way!), Donald (1 boy), and Ed T (1 boy), Patrick (1 girl and a boy on the way!), John K. (1 boy), Jon S. (1 boy), and Jeff P (1 boy)!

And happy first Father's Day as a dad of 2 kids to Trey (2 boys), as a mom of 3 kids to Matt L (3 girls), and as a mom of 4 kids to Mike Sh (3 girls + 1 boy)!!

Max 05 - Copy
Trey and his two boys Cort and Max

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