Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Shout-out 2012

Happy Mother's Day to our two wonderful mothers, Ana and Kathy! And to our grandmothers, Daisy, Catherine, and Ruth! We love you so much! And so does James!

Happy first Mother's Day to Audra P, Sunny G, Christina M, Sarah B, Adrienne H, Megan T, and very soon Aubree P! It has been a big year for babies! And I get to spend part of Audra's first Mother's Day with Audra and her family. How lovely!

2011 06 30 Carter Robert Padget
Audra's baby Carter Robert, June 2011

Sunny, Trey, and Cort 2011
Sunny's baby Frank Joseph "Cort," August 2011

2012 02 Hudson goes home
Christina M's baby Hudson James, February 2012

Meeting William B 2012
Sarah B's baby William Jackson, March 2012

2012 04 Brooke Hollander
Adrienne H's baby Brooke Suzette, April 2012

2012 04 24 William Bruce
Megan T's baby William Bruce, April 2012

And more happy Mother's Days to our friends who are veteran moms, Meghan C (2 boys), Anna S (3 girls), Cate L (2 girls), Becky G (1 girl, 1 boy), Victoria (1 girl, 1 boy), Rachel D (1 boy, 1 girl), Chrissy V (1 boy, and 1 girl-soon!), Cathy S (1 girl, 1 girl-soon!), and Adrienne C (1 girl)!

2012 01 05 Ben Meghan Nathan Evan Cip
Meghan C with her hubby and 2 boys Nathan and Evan, January 2012

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