Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Shout-out 2011

Happy first Mother's Day as grandmothers, mom and ma! And happy Mother's Day to all of James's great-grandmothers, Ruth, Daisy, and Catherine. My grandmother Mima is very missed today.

Baby James Born! 2011
James and Nana (my mom)

Baby James Born! 2011 
Grandma and James (Kevin's mom)

Easter 2011
With uncle David, Great-grandma Daisy, and auntie Melanie

Happy first Mother's Day to me! And Happy Mother's Day to all our other friends who are veteran mothers: Meghan, Anna (first as a mom of 3!), Cate L, Becky G (first as a mom of 2), Victoria (first as a mom of 2), Rachel (first as a mom of 2), Chrissy, and Cathy S.

Baby James Born! 2011
Meeting James in April

Dennis Family 2010
Tim and Rachel become parents again in August 2010

2010 08 Oliver born 01
Victoria with her second baby Oliver in August 2010

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