Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meghan and Ben's 10th Wedding Anniversary 2011!

A tenth wedding anniversary is particularly impressive when you consider how young they are-- I went to college with Meghan.  She was my big sister in our sorority so I took particular notice when I witnessed their first meeting. Our chapter of Alpha Delta Pi organized a self-defense workshop. The self-defense trainers had brought Ben along as their Naval Academy tackling dummy.  There were approximately sixty women in the room but Ben clearly had eyes only for Meghan.  The second that the trainers said to pair up to practice our moves, Ben made a beeline for Meghan. Luckily for Ben there were a an odd number of women in the room, so his strategy worked.

Shortly thereafter they had their first date at our sorority formal.  I guess that means that technically I went on their first date too.  Perhaps not so coincidentally, Meghan wore a long white dress to the dance with him.

1999 04 17 Black Diamond Formal 172anniversary b
Me with Ben and Meghan on their first date, April 17, 1999

2001 03 31 Cipperley Wedding 089
Their wedding in 2001, outside the church in Fort Worth, Texas

Cipperley Wedding 2001

2001 03 31 Cipperley Wedding 094
You can see the love!

Now they live in California, and their son Nathan is five years old!

2011 03 12 Bens Homecoming 01c
Ben's homecoming 2011

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