Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jeff & Caroline Engaged! Chrissy & Dave Too!

Over the weekend, Kevin's close friend Jeff P and his lovely girlfriend Caroline got engaged.   Kevin and I just met her for the first time in October and were delighted.  I might be a bit biased since she speaks Spanish so I envision my little Spanish-speaking kids playing with theirs one day. Though I don't know all the details, word is that the proposal was extravagant including a flight from from London (where they live) to Venice for dinner and the proposal. Wow!  Jeff says that "...the Clou family blog is the Wikileaks of engagements." Nice.

Caroline and Jeff 2009
Caroline and Jeff in 2009

The engagement is happy news for his family especially since his sister Chrissy also got engaged recently to her boyfriend Dave.  The proposal took place in a beautiful Virginia vineyard and was followed by wine tasting.  The wedding planning is on!

Dave and Chrissy 2010
Dave and Chrissy in 2010


kclou said...

There should be a Paduch doubleheader with a nap in between weddings.

MWB said...

As a former wedding planner I heartily endorse this plan.

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