Monday, November 1, 2010

15 Weeks, October 24-30, 2010

Over the weekend I went to a clothing swap at Becky's and tried to pick up larger size clothing or stuff that would stretch with me. I also went on a chemical-free snack-buying binge. Some big changes happened at work. Then our friends Adrienne and Pete had their baby girl Lenore!

And most exciting of all dad came home from rehab! He went up the stairs himself with a cane. We all ate dinner at the table together, though dad is still feeling side effects from the Sutent so he couldn't completely enjoy dinner. In about two weeks, he takes a break from the Sutent so we have big plans to make sure he enjoys his favorite food then.

Milestones: Our baby book says the baby is practicing breathing and swallowing with the amniotic fluid.
Craving: Ice cream (but since this was a pre-pregnancy craving, I'm not sure it counts, on the other hand I don't usually keep 5 different flavors in my freezer)
Anti-craving: Coffee
Symptoms: Acid reflux, bloody nose
Baby-size: Apple
Weight gain: 7 pounds (I probably should not already be gaining a pound a week!)

Finally caught up to the present week! I'm 16 weeks now, and I'll post about this week when it's complete. Here are some Halloween pictures of my friends' kids from this Saturday and Sunday's Halloween celebrations.

2010 10 30 Halloween Brandon and Layla
Brandon and Laylah

2010 10 30 Halloween Becky and Connor
Becky and Connor

2010 10 31 Meghan and Nathan
Nathan and Meghan

2010 10 30 Brady and Eloise Halloween
Uncle Brady and Eloise

2010 10 31 Soward Family
Soward family

2010 10 30 Halloween Eleanor

2010 10 30 Halloween Coco>
I didn't forget Coco Poteet

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