Friday, October 8, 2010

Cathy and Mike's 5th Wedding Anniversary 2010

Congratulations on five years of marriage! And this is the first anniversary you can share with your daughter Madison!

Steffan Wedding 2005
Mike, Cathy, me, and our friend Anna at Mike and Cathy's wedding in 2005

People say that Catholic wedding ceremonies are dull.  Well, Mike's childhood priest certainly livened up the day with stories about other married couples, questions about Mike and Cathy's travel history and plans, and observations about the wedding guests. I continue to ask Cathy for a copy of the wedding ceremony tape recording but she continues to politely decline.

Steffan Wedding 2005
The Catholic church where they got married

Steffan Wedding 2005
Mike and Cathy during the ceremony

The reception was really fun, and one thing I remember all these years later was that the couple danced one-on-one with a lot of the wedding guests.  It was a fun and personal way to spend more time with the bride and groom.  I took a turn dancing with Mike, but I think due to the presence of some beverage shots at the wedding, I might have accidentally cut a long line of female guests. Well, you snooze, you loose.

Steffan Wedding 2005
The wedding party dancing during the reception

I first met Cathy through my sorority sister Becky.  The two of them had gone on Semester at Sea together during college, and Cathy moved to DC after college in 2001. Cathy didn't know many people in DC, and Becky was living in Las Vegas at the time, so she asked if we could get to know Cathy. I'm so glad I did because Cathy became one of my closest friends.  I first met Mike a little while later at a party in January of 2002. Before they were even married, they'd been at my side for birthday parties, a graduation, and even break-ups. I was so pleased to be able to attend their wedding in Pennsylvania.

Steffan Wedding 2005
Becky and me (Becky moved to Charlottesville the next year!)

Steffan Wedding 2005
Secret reception sneakers!

Steffan Family - August 2010
Family Picture of Mike, Madison, and Cathy, August 2010

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