Monday, May 3, 2010

Allison and Dan Are Engaged 2010!

Excellent news! My friend Allison and her long-time boyfriend Dan got engaged last week. I remember when Allison first started dating Dan in Boston. She was telling me all about the new guy she had met while we were vacationing in Miami together in 2005. Even at the beginning they sensed they were somehow fated, though they expressed it as a cautious double-negative; they both felt that it was their first relationship that wasn't doomed from the start. Indeed, not doomed at all! They are fated for great success. Congratulations!

Dan and Allison at our wedding in 2009


Allison said...

Love this picture! And the link to the pic in Miami! I'll never forget that trip, not just because I had had my first date with my future husband two days prior, but because I got to celebrate my 27th birthday with you, Ericka, by eating amazing key lime pie and then getting violently ill, followed by you getting violently ill and being amazingly forgiving of me. I think that was when our friendship turned a corner. thanks, friend!

eralon said...

I like to think of that trip as the time you *saved my life* by bringing me ice cubes so I wouldn't dehydrate-to-death.

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