Monday, June 22, 2009

Honeymoon Part 1- Athens, Greece 2009

Our honeymoon was basically the best trip ever. It was a good trip on its own with wonderful beach weather, beautiful sites, nice hotel rooms, and great places to relax and do nothing. Add to that the fact that it was our honeymoon, so we're permanently biased in favor of it, and I wonder if anywhere will ever live up to it. But it's a good problem to have.

We got married Saturday, June 6, and did our air travel on Tuesday. We started our trip in Athens, the capital and largest city in Greece. We spent June 10-11 there and took in all the big sites including the Parthenon, the Erechtheum, the Ancient Agora and the Roman Agora, Theater of Dionysus, Hadrian Library, and even the ruins in the subway. Basically classical sights heaven.

Acropolis- Parthenon 2009
At the Acropolis, in front of the Parthenon

Acropolis- Parthenon 2009
More in front of the Parthenon

Acropolis 2009
View from our hotel balcony of the Acropolis at night

Acropolis- Erechtheum 2009
In front of the Erechtheum at the Acropolis

Athens- Ancient Agora 2009
Kevin on the spot where Socrates lectured (Ancient Agora)

Athens- Temple of Zeus 2009
At my favorite, the Temple of Zeus

Athens- Temple of Zeus 2009
Temple of Zeus

Athens- Theater of Dionysus 2009
Kevin wandering around the Theater of Dionysus

Athens gets a bit of a bum rap, but after going there, I think it's only because the islands are so incredibly beautiful that by comparison, Athens is just regular-beautiful. The people we met in Greece were friendly enough though none seemed to speak any English outside of menu choices. On the other hand, all the signs in Greece were in both Greek and English, so that's handy.

Athens 2009
Walking around Athens

Athens 2009
Alphas beer, better than Mythos beer

Athens Central Hotel 2009
Honeymoon hot tub

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